Our Programs

A Look in the Mirror offers several programs for people of all ages that are geared towards positive self-image and an increased feeling of self-worth. All programs are easily adaptable for any age and/or gender.​


Bud is our 6 week self-esteem program for girls ages 6-8.  The program aims to instill a positive mindset and body image at an early age.   We offer this program so that our girls can start their self-love journey on a great note!  We teach through hands-on activities with the objective of loving ourselves.


Bloom, our 8 week self-esteem program, is geared towards adolescent girls, ranging from ages 10-18.  The program takes a deep dive into the world of negative self image, offering tools that help work towards a more positive outlook.  We offer program so that our girls can build a foundational truth about themselves.  We teach them that life is not always easy, but with the tools offered we can get through anything!  


Blossom, is our 6 week program that focuses on putting self-love into action, all while aiming to reach our fullest potential.  We believe that the root of many of our life choices lie in our self-worth, so we focus heavily on building our worth and coming into self-actualization. This program is for women ages 19 and up and is recommended for Bud or Bloom parents and those who seek a healthier self-worth.

Special gift!

The first ten sign ups for our next Self Esteem Program (2/1/2020-3/7/2020) will receive an A Look in the Mirror canvas tote!